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December 22nd, 2015

KarolAnn LaGasse'
, a Saguache Chamber member since 2013, passed away recently and suddenly at her home in Saguache. KarolAnn will be remembered as kind hearted, always friendly and always wearing a smile. She contributed for many years to local commerce by displaying articles of artistic expression at local events. Some were her own creations and some were the creations of other artists and artisans. One chamber member is quoted as saying " She was the perfect example of the 'citizen' member, contributing her insights on the community and perspectives on the different topics and issues
we were dealing with at the time."
KarolAnn was a trusted friend of many Saguache area residents and dedicated member of her church.

KarolAnn attended many of our meetings and she will be missed as a valued member of our Chamber. She will also be greatly missed by her many friends and by the community in which she loved and served.